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Since 1999, we've been helping individuals do what they do best...even better! Around the globe leaders were built where once only managers stood. Goals have been exceeded. Lives changed!

If you use a car, drink soda, fly on a plane, use GPS, buy or sell stocks, sit in an office chair, use paper, live in a house made with wood, go to a hospital, use a computer, eat soup, take medication, buy insurance, eat dairy products, enjoy baseball, take fish oil supplements, go to college, look at advertisements....and the list goes on and on...if you do these things then we've already touched your life by building leaders in those industries and hundreds of others. 

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Matthew Bennett

In 1999, Matthew founded BSI in Birmingham, Alabama to bring excellence in training and development to the area. The business quickly spread and grew in other areas of the country.


In 2009, Two Roads Learning & Development was born to take the vision global.


In 2016, BSI and Two Roads came together to form Coeus NA with the singular purpose of growing and sustaining leaders in the production vertical.


Let the vision continue to grow!

Founder & CEO


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Birmingham, Alabama 35236

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